Fly Fishing & Canoeing the Whitewater River

Anglers travel from around the country to cast their lines into the east and west forks of the Whitewater River. Known nationwide for its trout and walleye, it is a premier fishing location for the novice and expert alike. As the East Fork of the river is the source and spillway for Brookville Lake, the Whitewater River carries a wide variety of fish in its waters.

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Fly fishing is extremely popular, and one can find wader-clad fishermen at varied locations up and down the river.

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Tips on Trout Fishing

Another popular Whitewater River activity is canoeing or tubing. Morgan’s Canoe Rental is a great place to get the gear you need for a fun day on the river. Keep in mind, there is no true “white water” on the river, so the risk of hitting rapids is minimal.