Fishing for Catfish at Brookville Lake

Flathead Catfish  at Brookville Lake

Flatheads prefer live bait such as large minnows, goldfish, green sunfish, bullheads and crayfish. Anglers should use stout gear, strong line, and large hooks because flathead catfish are typically much larger than channel catfish.

Channel Catfish at Brookville Lake

This is the easiest catfish to catch because it lives in most publicly owned lakes, private ponds and streams in Indiana. Channel cats also range throughout a water body, and they readily take a variety of baits.

When and Where

Larger channel catfish often spawn in late May through June along shorelines protected with rock riprap. This is a good place to fish when water temperatures reach 65 degrees.

Tackle & Bait

Common baits include a ribbed, rubber worm dipped in a commercially prepared bait, or night crawlers, chicken liver, grasshoppers, crayfish or small fish rigged on a straight, treble or circle hook. If you’re using worms or dead or prepared baits with your rod and reel, cast or drop the line into the water, and tighten it when the bait hits the bottom. If you’re using live bait on bank lines or floating jugs, keep it near the water surface. Trotlines, which have multiple drop lines, are very popular because they cover a wider area and multiple depths using a single line. Bank lines, jug lines and trotlines are typically fished overnight

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